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pennants and flags


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as souvenir and for fans

pennants and banners
for sport events

...and much more


  Boating flags and boating pennants

Boating flags and boating pennantsBoating flags and boating pennants are a permanent feature of boats and ships. They are also a visible sign of the members boating club affiliation.

In commercial shipping boating flags and boating pennants present the company’s logo in a unique way.

Because of the larger size, boating flags are produced by screen printing in a stronger, harder wearing polyester weave cloth.

This gives boating flags a particularly vibrant colouration.

Smaller boating flags and boating pennants are usually produced by digital printing in a lighter polyester weave cloth as the wear and tear is less.

Boating flags and boating pennants are the smaller version of club flags or club pennants which can be produced by screen printing as well as digital printing.


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