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Zimmermann & Baison Berlin produce advertising flags country flags club flags table pennants association flags badges boat flag Europe flags decor fabrics digital print flags gonfanons flagpoles international flags Mourning crapes transverse uprise size.


custom designed
message flags

international flagpole banners

and accessories

table- and presentation
pennants and flags


pennants and banners
with coats of arms
as souvenir and for fans

pennants and banners
for sport events

...and much more

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We design any flag to your specifications. We can work from digital artwork, a sketching or a letter head.

Due to our long experience, each advertising banner, table flag, club banner, boating flag or any other kind of flags is produced with the highest standard and accuracy.

Also ask for masts and accessories.

Flags and banners

    The following points speak for themselves:

  • our flexibility
  • excellent customer service with our consultants
  • immediate price quotations
  • competitive prizes and quality

We are a reliable partner for advertising banners, promotional flags, local authority flags, banners for cities and banners for towns, sail flags, sports flags, club flags, aluminum flagpoles, fibre glass flagpoles, table flags, table banners, table pennants, boating pennants, boating flags, honorary pennants, table stands.

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