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pennants and flags


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with coats of arms
as souvenir and for fans

pennants and banners
for sport events

...and much more


 Table Flags

Table Flags

Table flags: the smaller version of your company flag.

These are very popular and indispensable for the image building of your business.

Displayed in the room of your customer the table flags in their high quality finish can be seen as a guaranty for the quality of your products and services.

The advertising power of table flags is stronger and longer lasting than a brochure.

Displaying your company logo table flags ensure that your company will not be forgotten.

Apart from this table flags as well as table banners and table pennants are a decoration for the desk.
There are attached to a table pole stand.

Table pole stands are made of wood or metal.
We deliver table flags made of high quality rayon and are printed using the same techniques ace for large flags and banners.
Table Flags are usually produced in a format of 15 x 25 cm. Of course table flags are also available as national flags.


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